Presidential Message


Our new Alamo chapter calendar year has begun and we have plenty to look forward to as the summer winds to an end.  I would like to thank everyone that has volunteered in a local chapter leadership role in the past. All too often, these volunteer efforts go unthanked (and underpaid).  So, thank you! Ever wonder who signs up for these gigs?  I’m encouraged and pleased to announce that we have a highly diverse mix of new and returning leadership serving the chapter this year (men, women, engineers, sales folk, recent graduates, wise elder statesmen, young guns, wealth planners, etc). If you are interested in becoming more involved with the local chapter, please let me know.  Your efforts will make a difference. The sole qualification is a willingness to give back.

 Brief State of the Union: Wes Weissgarber led a great effort last year, and we successfully met/exceeded our local chapter goals.  Rolling into this year, we hope to build upon that success. We already have several great monthly lunch programs planned, but will work to be responsive to local chapter membership requests.  If you have a special request for monthly programming topic matter, let us know. Our YEA member constituency and college student sub-chapters are growing, and we welcome the chance to invest in the future industry talent.

Where are we headed as a chapter this year?:  Much of this is up to you.  We have a renewed focus and will make a concerted effort to boost attendance and participation at our local events and realize an increased sense of camaraderie.  This is the main goal of your chapter leadership this year.  This will benefit all involved: owners, engineers, contractors, and vendors alike.

Short Term Look Ahead: Like everything else in life, we get out what we put in. I challenge each member to promote ASHRAE in the community, at the office, and in social settings. Our first opportunity to get engaged is almost upon you.  Our first local meeting will be the Annual Kickoff Party, at 5PM on August 19th @ Stone Street Pub (281/1604 location).  I look forward to seeing everyone there. Please encourage an industry peer (member or not) to come and join us! This is a free happy hour/social for you and your customers.


Aaron Caldwell, LEED AP