Presidential Message

May 2016


Go Spurs Go!

I’d like to provide a “state of the chapter” update for you this month.  We’ve had lots of local chapter activity over the past few months, and we are about to close out the local chapter calendar year.

Next week, please join us for our May 17th monthly chapter meeting.  The speaker is from San Antonio’s 2030District.  This exciting program will impact your business in our area, so it will be beneficial for you to learn about.  I’d like to thank the Trane Company for sponsoring this monthly meeting.  (These sponsor contributions helps offset meeting costs, so that the meeting price does not have to be increased.  If you’d be interested in sponsoring a future meeting, please raise your hand!  In exchange, we’ll give you 5 minutes of presentation time and a captive audience before that meeting.)  We will meet at Oak Hills Country Club, from 11:30 – 1 PM.

We will also be awarding 1-5 deserving students with a $1000 scholarship.  This will occur at the 5/17 meeting, prior to the presentation.

Our annual ethics meeting will occur at the June chapter meeting.

Please thank Baron Phillips for attending the regional CRC planning conference.  He served as a delegate to represent our chapter and to help coordinate regional and society operational housekeeping items.  Thank you Baron!  Your efforts did not go unnoticed. As a sidenote, the 2018 CRC will be in San Antonio.  And the 2019 CRC will be in Cancun, Mexico...that’d be a fun CRC trip.  (Does anyone even read these presidential messages?)

Society level news and training? ASHRAE offers some great training courses.  For more info, please follow this link:   

If you have any suggestions on what you would like the local or regional ASHRAE BOG to accomplish this year, please let us know.


Aaron Caldwell, LEED AP

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