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This is the official website of The Alamo Chapter 065 of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The chapter is better known as Alamo ASHRAE.

Wes Weissgarber
Wes Weissgarber
2014-2015 Alamo ASHRAE President

President's Message (July 10, 2014)


Summer is here in full force! Mark my words - it will be hot. We will take the month of July off from our monthly chapter meeting, but will kick off the new ASHRAE year in August with a party - stay tuned for more info. I look forward to seeing everyone there. Let's get as many members as possible there, even if it's only for a drop-in.

I'd like to thank our Officers and Board of Governors for their volunteer efforts this year; we have a great leadership team who is ready to perform. Rey and his team did an excellent job this past year and we plan to follow suit. If you feel interested in becoming more involved with Alamo ASHRAE, please let us know.

ASHRAE is the governing body of our industry, without it, chaos ensues. Let's challenge ourselves and other members to promote ASHRAE; this is our chapter - we can do what we want to instigate growth and participation. Send me or anyone on the Board of Governors ideas you have to make our chapter, meetings, YEA, or other events even better. I promise you, if we agree on an idea, we will do it! Remember this is our chapter, let's make it great.


Wes Weissgarber
2014-2015 Alamo ASHRAE President

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